Why I Love Shopping From My Friends – Cheers to Network Marketers

Why I Love Shopping From My Friends – Cheers to Network Marketers

Network Marketing sometimes gets a bad rap and I just can’t figure out why.  

For starters, let’s admit, the way we shop has changed over time.  When I was little, you’d go to the mall – or even like a JC Penney’s in a strip mall location.  If your family was on a budget, you’d wait for sales. If you were a military family, like mine, you frequently shopped on base at the PX (similar to a department store). 

Then I remember catalogs being a big thing but you’d actually CALL ON THE TELEPHONE to place orders!  Can you imagine? ha ha

Today you can purchase pretty much anything right off of your cell phone!  I’m gonna venture to say that many of us order, and have delivered, more items than we physically go to a store to purchase.  Shoot, you can even have your groceries delivered!  

Somebody, somewhere, is benefiting when you make a purchase.  Several people actually. It may be a small business owner, it may be a stockholder, it could even be a FRIEND!  I don’t know about you, but if a FRIEND can benefit by a purchase that I am going to make somewhere, from somebody, I’m all the happier. 

I buy many items routinely through friends that are in some sort of network marketing organization.  Let me tell you about them: 

For 14 years I have been buying vitamins, first aid, and non-toxic cleaning products from a sweet friend.  She and her husband are retired and I’m happy to be able to contribute a little towards their living expenses. 

I buy eye shadows and lipstick from another sweet friend who was a young Marine wife when I met her.  Her husband just got out of the Marine Corps and they have transitioned to civilian life. First of all, nobody serving in the military is rich – so you can get that out of your head right now…even the Generals and Admirals (and I’ve seen their LES’s).  When you consider the training and expertise and years dedicated to their careers to get to that level, it’s a joke what they get paid! (rant over) But especially a young, enlisted Marine who is now looking for a job to support his young family. You can bet if I can help out his wife’s business and contribute even a little to their family, I will gladly do so! 

I buy a vitamin from another friend who is also retired.  Again, happy to be contributing to her income. AND – bonus – the company she works with supports children in need of food and nutritional support with their Buy 1, Nourish 2 mode with every purchase.  So not only am I improving my health, helping a friend, I’m also indirectly helping to nourish a child in need of proper nutrition and food. Um, YES PLEASE!  

I’m sure I could go on and on….but those three examples came quickly to mind.  

Yeah, but in Network Marketing, people up the ladder are making profit off of other people.  Common argument, right?

When you purchase gas at a gas station, do you think the owner of the gas station is the only person making a profit? When you buy a new car, just the salesman is getting a profit? NOPE….there are a whole bunch of people “up the chain” that are profiting from EVERY purchase we make.  

So again, if I know somebody I love and care about is one of the people profiting from a purchase I’m going to make regardless, my vote is to shop from the friend, the small business owner, the person doing a craft they love and are passionate about every. single. time. 

Not sure WHY they are doing their business?  Selling the thing? Why not take a minute and ASK THEM!  I’m sure they’d love to tell you what they are working for/towards.  I don’t think the clerk at the retailer or the person behind the counter at the gas station has a CLUE what the person benefiting from your purchase is working for/towards.

For more information on the skincare line I sell, check out the IMPROVE YOUR SKIN link on my site to request information.  You may also visit my product site at becmartin.myrandf.com.

Friendship Garden

Friendship Garden

Friendships are like flowers.  I love flowers.  They bring me joy; they make me happy.  Friends bring me joy and make me happy also.

Some flowers, annuals, only last in our gardens for a season; and some, perennials, have longevity, coming back year after year with repeated beauty.  Some friendships only last for a short time and others last a lifetime.

If you’ve ever had a friendship that has faded over time, you’ve undoubtedly feel some sadness over it.  I know I’ve had a few of these friendships.  Often, they simply faded away since one of us physically moved away from the other.  With both my father and husband serving as career Marines, I have moved frequently my entire life.  Even though these were close friendships at the time, the distance between us eventually won out.

Other friendships ended over a particular circumstance: a difference of opinion, a difference in values, something a little more substantial.  Sometimes these friendships were easily dismissed and other times the termination of the friendship hurt deeply.

The friends that were in my life for a moment remind me of annuals.  They were beautiful and filled in and complimented the garden of my life for a season.

Then, there are those friendships that are so deep, so intertwined, time and distance mean absolutely nothing.  You may see these friends daily, you may go years between seeing them, but when you are together, your friendship and connection never misses a beat.  You would do anything for them, and the feeling is mutual.  They are there to uplift, comfort, support, encourage, and celebrate you.  They are there for you through thick and thin, year after year.

These enduring friendships remind me of perennials.  Their beauty shows up year after year.  They are faithful and always there for you.  Even though they may not be blooming all year long, you know they will be back, ready to show up and delight you.

As I reflect on those “annual friendships,” I’ve decided not to feel bad about them fading away or ending.  Just like annual flowers, who fill in your garden for a season, those friends were there for me when I needed them.  Maybe they were never intended to be long-term friendships.  I am thankful for the gift of them, what they brought to my life and hopefully what I was able to contribute to their lives for the season we had together.

All friendships should be celebrated, no matter how short lived or permanent they are in our lives.  In the same way, every flower is a gift from the earth to beautify our world and fill us with joy.



Memorable Lessons – Thanks, Dad!

Memorable Lessons – Thanks, Dad!

Do you have one or two special memories, lessons learned, from a parent or special teacher that stay with you and make you smile years later?

I have one that I’d love to share.

My father is a deeply spiritual man, but it’s funny to me that my favorite memories of him have nothing to do with that side of him. They are the more down to earth, simply being a good human, lessons that I remember and cherish the most.

I was in high school and he had taken me to the eye doctor to be fitted for contact lenses (YAY!!). We were seeing a Navy doctor and both the doctor and my Dad were in uniform at the time of my appointment.  I remember the doctor asking my father a question and when my Dad replied, he called the doctor, “Sir”. To which the Navy doc politely told my Dad that he didn’t have to call him “Sir” as they were the same rank.

Now let me pause here for a second…..if you aren’t familiar with the military, ranks structures vary between the different branches of the service. And I was thinking, “Did he just insult my Dad by implying that my Dad didn’t realize they were indeed the same rank?”  Not cool in my mind.

But my Dad proceeded to politely tell the doctor that the reason he referred to him as “Sir” was out of respect for his position as a Doctor – not because of his military rank.

For some reason, the level of respect my Dad had when dealing with that Doctor, and the classy way he responded and explained himself to him, struck me then…

And continues to put a smile on my face all these years later.

Disclaimer: I do NOT have a good memory and I know I have forgotten many fine examples and lessons taught to me – by his actions, rather than his words – by my father. For some reason, this one remains one of my cherished memories of time spent with my Dad. And I bet he has NO recollection of this exchange of words.

Note to self: You never know who is watching/listening/learning to/from your words and actions.

The Power of Skincare and Confidence

The Power of Skincare and Confidence

Confidence is defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.  Plastic surgeons have long built successful careers by marketing their ability to improve your confidence by making you feel better about yourself and how you look.  Not quite as drastic as plastic surgery, but would improving your skin help you feel more confident?  Would clearing up your acne make you feel more confident?  Would reducing fine lines, wrinkles, spots from age or accumulated sun damage make you feel more confident?

Whether you are required to stand up in front of a group of colleagues to give presentations, meet with potential or current clients, or interact with other moms at school and sporting events, we all see people in our day-to-day lives…and they see us.  Many of us struggle with self confidence because we are not happy with our appearance.  Truth be told, and I believe we all know this deep down, we are our own toughest critic.  I’m reminded of this almost daily as I talk with my teenage children and try to remember this myself.  Yet, I still find myself worrying over a newly spotted line around my eyes or the occasional blemish on my face.  While others may not even notice, we think they notice, these insecurities often are responsible for decreasing our self-confidence.

In transitioning from the corporate world to building my own skincare business with Rodan + Fields, I have learned three things about myself.  Yes, I am selling skincare which can help to improve our outward appearance, decrease our insecurities, and improve our self-confidence; but, quite unexpectedly, through this transition, I am learning so much more about myself.  Read on.

1. I have found my passion.  “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius.  I have heard that expression for years and can honestly say that I “get it” now.  Years spent working in a field I was not passionate about has given me such an appreciation for loving every minute I dedicate to my new “job”.  I must remind myself, at times, to stop “working” because I am finally and completely passionate about my new career path.

2. I enjoy mentoring others.  In my corporate career I have had some amazing leaders and some that were lacking in their leadership abilities.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be the leader I always wanted for myself!  Being able to coach and assist others in finding their own success and confidence is even more rewarding than achieving my own success.

3. Helping others gain confidence in their lives brings me joy.  It may come from assisting a customer with their skincare needs and celebrating with them when they finally see the results they were hoping for.  Perhaps it’s helping a new business partner launch their business, helping them place their first customer order, or strategizing on how to implement social media into their business plan.  All these successes lead to the same thing…CONFIDENCE.  The happy customer who has improved the appearance of their skin may now have the confidence boost they’ve been looking for to take on something new in their life.  The confidence a new business partner gains after a few initial successes may be the boost they need to propel them to greatness.  As I come into contact and touch the lives of so many people with my new business, not only does this give me joy, but yes, you guessed it…my confidence is increasing as well.

I no longer look at my skincare business as simply selling somebody an eye cream.  I am helping others gain confidence and that is empowering!


Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter can be harsh on your skin!  

There are the obvious outdoor concerns: cold and wind.  Cold weather can strip the skin of its natural protective barrier, allowing precious moisture to escape which leads to dehydration and allowing irritants in, which can lead to sensitivity.  Dry, cracked skin, lips and hands are common concerns during the winter months.

We also have indoor culprits to battle during the winter: indoor heating can be very drying to our skin and often leads to itchiness, exasperating existing skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.  Due to shorter days and often unpleasant outdoor temperatures, we tend to be indoors much more during the winter, limiting our exposure to fresh air and sunlight. This lack of fresh air and sunlight often leads to dull looking skin (and dull moods). 

What to do then??  

  • It’s very important to use a gentle cleanser during the winter months.  As your skin is already leaning towards the dry side, I’d recommend a gentle cream or foaming cleanser.  
  • Be sure to exfoliate.  Exfoliation removes those dead skin cells that are making your skin appear dull and flaky.  You will immediately notice younger looking, fresh, glowing skin after exfoliation. Caution: don’t over-exfoliate.  2 times per week should be adequate.    
  • Hydrate your skin.  I’d recommend both a serum and cream to be applied daily.  Tip: always apply the serum first, the thinner product is applied before the thicker product.  I’d recommend a serum which includes hyaluronic acid and glycerin.  
  • Take time to enjoy a relaxing bath with your favorite bath oil.  Tip: do not have your water too hot as this can contribute to dry skin, something we are trying to avoid during the winter months.  
  • Get plenty of rest and apply a good night cream with restorative nutrients and peptides.  Remember your body is recharging and cells are regenerating while you sleep, so be sure to give your body plenty of rest.  
  • Apply sunscreen daily!  Yes, even in the winter.  (No article on skincare is complete without this reminder.) 
  • Don’t lick your lips.  It’s easy to do and you may think you are moisturizing them when you do so, but trust me, this isn’t helping.  Apply a lip conditioning balm or serum often to keep your lips looking lush and avoid the appearance of wrinkles.   

With a little extra TLC, your skin can endure the winter months and even appear healthy and youthful along the way.  Visit my site or message me for product recommendations (a few links are provided throughout this article) to help you obtain your best winter skin ever.