This is fun: revisiting a blog post from a few years back when I was working from home, but in the corporate world vs. as the entrepreneur I am today.  There have been a few changes/improvements with my new gig!

  1. I am no longer required to work an 8-hour day, for somebody else. I am more present with my family, set my own daily agenda and priorities, with no guilt attached.
  2. I no longer need to work IN my home office. I was still working on a desktop and land line (gasp) when I originally wrote this blog post for my employer’s blog.  Today my business can run entirely from my mobile phone.  So, wherever I travel, if I have WiFi (Hello, Peru, Boise, ID and Boone, NC this past summer), I am able to connect with and run my business. 
  3. My kids are older, so no longer asking what’s for breakfast. Now the interruptions sound more like, “Mom, can I have some money for…”.  The interruptions aren’t nearly as frequent as they were those 5+ years of working from home in my corporate job.  If you are reading this and your children are young or still babies, there IS light at the end of the tunnel, Mama.  Hang in there! (And enjoy this time!)

Otherwise, I do still work from home – now chasing my own goals and dreams – so this blog post still resonates with me.  I hope you enjoy it. – Bec

I have to admit, the sound of the school bus driving by my home on this crisp, well…humid actually, August day, is music to this work-at-home-Mom’s ears!  Of course, I love my children and delight in spending time with them, however, summer vacation can prove to be a challenge at times.

I’ll be the first to admit that I envy their lackadaisical summer schedule.  They get to stay up late watching movies, sleep in until embarrassing hours – ranging from late morning for my younger child and almost afternoon on some days for my teenager, and then complain about how they have nothing to do!  Many days I have been working in my home office for several hours before my daughter even rolls in, inquiring about breakfast.  Breakfast?  That was hours ago.

Don’t get me started on the inquiries about food, all-day-long, during the summer.  These little people want breakfast, lunch, and start asking, “What’s for dinner?” by midafternoon.  Can’t they see that I’m busy making things happen in my office?  I’m not watching Netflix on my laptop in here!  I’m accustomed to grabbing something quick for lunch, oftentimes leftovers, and eating at my desk.  I can assure you, it’s not a well thought out meal, and I’ll worry about dinner later.

Every parent deals with, “I’m bored!” and “There’s nothing to do!”  But the work-at-home parent has the joy of hearing comments like these much more frequently.  It’s easy for my children to come visit me in my office during the day.  In theory, and at times, this is truly enjoyable and something I am thankful for!  However, when the conversation turns to how bored they are, my patience starts to wear just slightly thin.  I would welcome a day comprised of sleeping in late, taking a leisure bath after my brunch (because face it, it’s almost noon), and watching some of my favorite movies to help pass along the day!  I’m just not so sure my boss would welcome this summertime schedule!

Then there is my all-time favorite question, “How much longer do you have to work today?”  Well, I owe my company 8 hours today, so I do the math.  I am fortunate enough to have a fair amount of flexibility in my schedule, so I canaccommodate the occasional request and scoot out on some fun adventures with the kids from time-to-time.  I do know full well, however, that I will be back in my office later that evening – after dinner has been prepared, eaten, and the dishes are cleaned and put away.  And the kids will be back to their busy schedules of movies, books, and games.  And to think that they are in a hurry to grow up!

Yes, I love my children and love spending time with them also.  Yes, I’m jealous of their summertime “first-world problems” of boredom and nothing to eat.  But what I really want is a nice quiet day in my office!  So, as the school bus drives by in the morning and a smile starts to brighten my face, I’m just anticipating a quiet and uber-productive day in my home office!

Until, “Hey Mom, what’s for dinner?”