It was love at first sight – bloom Daily Planners

It was love at first sight – bloom Daily Planners

I love, I mean love-love-love, buying my new planner for an upcoming year!

It’s like school supply shopping for grown-ups!

I think one of the reasons I love to buy a new planner is that the nice, blank, clean pages seem to make me feel like anything is possible for the upcoming year. All the ideas I continually have running through my mind, the goals, the plans, they all seem possible!

So naturally, I want a functional planner. The layout has to make sense for me. I need a monthly view, daily sections with enough room to write in my appointments, reach-outs and new contacts made for my businesses, etc. But to find a planner with extra goodies included, makes me extra happy.

Let me share my favorite features of bloom Daily Planners’ Vision Planner and Calendar, which is the planner I am currently using (and loving).

  • First of all, the cover!  “This Year is For Blooming” is the quote on the front of my planner.  And if you know anything about me, and since you are here on my “Bloom with Bec” website, I’ll assume you do; you know this resonated with me and had me pulling my wallet out of my purse!  There are plenty of other gorgeous designs to choose from!!
  • And in addition to the planner that I purchased, there are academic year, teacher, wedding, pregnancy and baby’s first year planners, to name a few other options for you to choose from.
  • There is a VISIONS page – that’s right, a page right inside your planner to create your own mini vision board.  How awesome is that!!  I actually teach Vision Board Workshops, so this is right up my alley and something I’ve never had in my planner before.  #MakesMeHappy
  • Planning pages – there are a bunch of cool pages: a place to record your goals, places you’d like to visit, identify things you want to improve on, a place to design your perfect week, keep track of monthly tasks, etc.  They have thought of it all.
  • Each month has its own visions page with space to track personal, relationship, health & fitness, family & home, work & school, and financial goals.  There is also a place to track “fun & adventure”.
  • And maybe a looked over benefit to some people, but one I love, an inside back pocket!  This is something every planner should have in my opinion.

So, I think you see my point…my planner is the bomb!  Couldn’t love it more.  But now let me tell you about the FUN PART!  THE STICKERS!  You can purchase all sorts of stickers on bloom’s site!  I guess it’s the little kid in me, but I’ve always loved using stickers.  If I can use a sticker to record my workouts, keep track of my coffee dates, remind me of appointments, when to pay my bills, etc., I’m all in!!

After my initial purchase of my planner and a set of stickers, I was pleasantly surprised one morning by an email from bloom!!  (And yes, I know I’m not capitalizing the name of their company…and it’s a struggle for me, a self-proclaimed grammar nerd…but that is how they actually write their company’s name.)  After interacting with them a bit on their social media platforms, they were curious enough to check me out.  I guess “Bloom with Bec” caught somebody’s attention at the company. YAY!  They took a peek at my website and found that we shared a similar mission: to help women bloom into their best lives!

They offered to send me a few additional products to use and review for them, here on my blog.  I jumped at the opportunity to partner with them and practically skipped my way to their website to send my wish list over to them.  About a week later, I received a goodie box in the mail from my friends at bloom.

I selected a few accessories to try out: the Elastic Planner Bands with Pen Loops, Magnetic Bookmarks, and an Inspirational Perpetual Desk Easel.  The elastic planners are great, and come in a pack of three.  These work great to mark your place in your planner.  No more flipping pages to find the current week.   I plan to use the extra bands in the several journals I seem to be working in at any given time.  The magnetic bookmarks need no explanation.  They work great, are adorable, and will come in handy with the books I’m currently reading.

What turned out to be my favorite item in my goodie box is the Inspirational Desk Easel.  It’s lovely, with a floral background on each page, and displays a – wait for it – inspirational quote on each day.  I love that I’ll be able to re-use this year after year.  Currently I’m displaying this on my kitchen table.  I enjoy being able to flip to a new page, and a new quote, each morning as I’m enjoying my breakfast.  It really helps to start my day with a dose of positivity.

If you are a master “to do list” maker, you will love bloom’s selection of planning pads.  They offer various sizes and types of “to do lists”: grocery lists, daily lists, weekly lists, meeting lists, and even a meal planning list.  You will be in heaven if you like to make lists, I assure you.

If you love being organized and enjoy creativity, beauty, whimsy, and fun in the process, look no further:  bloom Daily Planners will assist in keeping your personal, as well as professional, life running smoothly and beautifully accessorized.  Their mission is to help women to “use (their) products as a vehicle to inspire and encourage women around the world to accomplish their dreams.”  Their goal, as well as mine, is to help you “never stop dreaming, never stop blooming.”

A match made in planner heaven?  Yep, I’d say so.  I’m a loyal customer, here to stay.  I invite you to visit their site!  If you find something you are interested in buying for yourself, I invite you to use this discount link to receive 20% off your entire first order.  Tell them Bec sent you. 🙂  Cheers to planning your most productive year yet!

Don’t just grow when you can BLOOM. 

Why You Should Embrace Your Nerves

Why You Should Embrace Your Nerves

You are about to try something new and slightly intimidating.

You are about to get up in front of your peers to give a speech or presentation.

You are rehearsing the speech you plan to give your boss, asking for a raise you know you deserve.

You are about to have a much overdue heart to heart conversation with a loved one.

What is the one common denominator going on in all these events??  You are NERVOUS!

So often we spend so much energy trying to NOT be nervous.  Here’s the thing…you are still going to be nervous in these types of situations.  In my opinion, the reason you are nervous is because you care, this is important to you.  It’s something that matters.  You’ve often worked long and hard to be in this position, or it’s something you’ve been wanting to do, or thinking about, for a long time.

It if wasn’t important to you, you wouldn’t care as much and probably wouldn’t be nearly as nervous.  Am I right?

So instead of putting all your energy into fighting your nerves, which quite frankly probably aren’t going anywhere, why not put your energy into being better prepared, and more confident, as you enter the situation.

This concept isn’t completely my own.  I heard radio talk show host, Bobby Bones, talking about it earlier this week.  I’m not sure if it was something he had read or heard from somebody else, but it any event, it really stuck me as something that could be helpful to others, so I wanted to share it as well.

New activity you are tackling?  Make a pros vs cons list.  Focus on why you want to do the thing in the first place.  How excited, fulfilled, happy, confident will you feel after completing it?

Getting ready for a public speaking engagement?  Practice.  Rehearse.  Know your material.  Be confident.  Go into your presentation ready to deliver your material, ready to make a difference, to enlighten, to encourage, to educate your audience.

Asking for a raise?  Have your talking points ready.  Be prepared to share specific accomplishments.  Competitive analysis is helpful; what are others with your education, experience, expertise making in similar industries, competing companies, etc.  You are, and always will be, your best advocate.  Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn.  Oftentimes, your hard work and accomplishments are simply not known by those in the position to adjust your salary.

Needing to have a serious, maybe even difficult, conversation with a loved one?  How important are they to you?  Don’t you owe it to them to let them know how you are truly feeling?  Will your relationship benefit positively in the long run if/when you have this conversation?  Prepare you thoughts ahead of time and go into the conversation with a loving and open heart.  You’ll thank yourself later.

Friends, the nervousness isn’t going anywhere.  Remind yourself that you are nervous because you care.  In all the examples provided above, you are nervous over potentially good things in your life.  Things you can be thankful for.  Things that will help you grow as a person.  So often people are nervous over difficult and painful things they are facing in life…a sick loved one in the hospital, the loss of a job, an uncertain medical diagnosis, etc.  But this isn’t you right now, you are nervous about a good thing!

The next time you feel nervous because of an upcoming event that has the potential to be POSITIVE to your life, your career, your relationships, be thankful.  Invest your energy into preparation.  Accept your nerves as simply a by-product of caring.

Now go out and do the thing!
xo Bec


The Power of Skincare and Confidence

The Power of Skincare and Confidence

Confidence is defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.  Plastic surgeons have long built successful careers by marketing their ability to improve your confidence by making you feel better about yourself and how you look.  Not quite as drastic as plastic surgery, but would improving your skin help you feel more confident?  Would clearing up your acne make you feel more confident?  Would reducing fine lines, wrinkles, spots from age or accumulated sun damage make you feel more confident?

Whether you are required to stand up in front of a group of colleagues to give presentations, meet with potential or current clients, or interact with other moms at school and sporting events, we all see people in our day-to-day lives…and they see us.  Many of us struggle with self confidence because we are not happy with our appearance.  Truth be told, and I believe we all know this deep down, we are our own toughest critic.  I’m reminded of this almost daily as I talk with my teenage children and try to remember this myself.  Yet, I still find myself worrying over a newly spotted line around my eyes or the occasional blemish on my face.  While others may not even notice, we think they notice, these insecurities often are responsible for decreasing our self-confidence.

In transitioning from the corporate world to building my own skincare business with Rodan + Fields, I have learned three things about myself.  Yes, I am selling skincare which can help to improve our outward appearance, decrease our insecurities, and improve our self-confidence; but, quite unexpectedly, through this transition, I am learning so much more about myself.  Read on.

1. I have found my passion.  “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius.  I have heard that expression for years and can honestly say that I “get it” now.  Years spent working in a field I was not passionate about has given me such an appreciation for loving every minute I dedicate to my new “job”.  I must remind myself, at times, to stop “working” because I am finally and completely passionate about my new career path.

2. I enjoy mentoring others.  In my corporate career I have had some amazing leaders and some that were lacking in their leadership abilities.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be the leader I always wanted for myself!  Being able to coach and assist others in finding their own success and confidence is even more rewarding than achieving my own success.

3. Helping others gain confidence in their lives brings me joy.  It may come from assisting a customer with their skincare needs and celebrating with them when they finally see the results they were hoping for.  Perhaps it’s helping a new business partner launch their business, helping them place their first customer order, or strategizing on how to implement social media into their business plan.  All these successes lead to the same thing…CONFIDENCE.  The happy customer who has improved the appearance of their skin may now have the confidence boost they’ve been looking for to take on something new in their life.  The confidence a new business partner gains after a few initial successes may be the boost they need to propel them to greatness.  As I come into contact and touch the lives of so many people with my new business, not only does this give me joy, but yes, you guessed it…my confidence is increasing as well.

I no longer look at my skincare business as simply selling somebody an eye cream.  I am helping others gain confidence and that is empowering!


Why a Military Spouse Should Be Your Next Hire

Why a Military Spouse Should Be Your Next Hire

Customer Service Representative
Aerobics Instructor
Accounts Receivable Representative
Mortgage Loan Processor
C-Level Administrative Assistant
Copy Writer
Substitute Teacher
Sourcing Manager
Independent Skincare Consultant

What in the heck do these job titles have in common?  At first glance, I’d say nothing at all.  

But then I’d look closer.  If I’m looking at the skills and attributes required to master these different roles, I note that strong communications skills, attention to detail, a fun, outgoing and motivated personality are probably in play.  I see a “people person” in the mix. I see a no-nonsense, get it done, figure it out type of a person. I see somebody who likes helping others.  

If I’m looking at this list with my recruiting hat on, I’m very confused if this list appears on a single person’s resume.  I don’t see a clear, defined career path. The roles don’t appear to build on top of each other or even stay in the same career field.   

When I look at this list with my own eyes, from my own personal perspective, I see a military spouse’s resume!  I see my resume.    

Not familiar with us –  the military spouse? She (or in some cases “he”, but for the point of this article, we’ll call her a “she”) is that person who very frequently gives up her own career ambitions to follow her spouse around from duty station to duty station, supporting his career and call of duty to serve his country.  She willingly leaves a job she loves to move on with her spouse. She sets up the household, settles the kids into new schools and neighborhoods, reestablishes herself, and finds a new job time and again. Or maybe she doesn’t work outside of the home. There is plenty to do simply keeping the home front running and thriving!  

She is many things!  She is a self-starter.  She is a jack of all trades.  She is organized. She is resilient.  She is the queen of dealing with change.  She is patient (ever dealt with military orders, moves?).  She is strong. She is reliable. She is your best friend, your support, your shoulder to lean or cry on.  She is your neighbor. She is your “it’s perfectly fine to call me in the middle of the night if you need anything” person.  She is the “I’ll stay with your kids if you need some time to yourself or a date night” kind of friend. She’s the “I’ll figure it out and make it happen” gal you want on your team. 

If you are an employer reading this, or have any hiring authority within your organization, please re-read the qualities listed above.  THIS is the employee you want to hire! Sure, you may only have them on your team for 2-3 years, but I assure you, their loyalty and reliability will not disappoint and you’ll have a wonderful addition to your organization for those few years.  And let’s face it, that’s more than you can expect from the average hire. With the military spouse, you know to expect the attrition at some point. But here’s the thing, you usually know when to expect it and receive more than adequate notice to hire their replacement.  I was personally able to train my replacement on more than one occasion. You are never guaranteed the longevity of employment with any hire, but I’d put my money on the military spouse every – single – time.    


Your Friend Is Doing What?

Your Friend Is Doing What?

You have a friend who all the sudden joins a network marketing company of some sort and you find yourself thinking, “I wonder why they did that?”

Well, there are MANY reasons people do such a thing:

✔️They may be wanting additional income to fund any number of things: family vacations, start or add to a college fund, pay off debt, save for a special purchase, etc.

✔️They may be wanting something for themselves.  Sometimes it starts as a hobby, sometimes it stays a hobby, sometimes it grows into a full-time gig/income for them.  The beauty is that it can be WHATEVER they want it to be.

✔️They may be looking to replace an income and job that they are not passionate about.

✔️They may desire to work for themselves – their goals, a mission/company they are passionate about, prove to themselves that they CAN make something on their own.

✔️They may be wanting more TIME…time for their family, time for their friends, time for themselves, time to travel, time to dream, the ability to arrange their day as they please.

✔️They may want OUT of an office.  They may want to work from where they want: different places from day to day – a home office one day, the dining room table the next, a coffee shop the next, from a vacation destination the next, etc.

How do I know all of this?

Simple….this is ME!  I left a cushy work at home, corporate job for every single one of the reasons listed above.

Did some people think I was crazy?  Probably.

Do some people STILL think I’m crazy?  Probably.

But you know what??

📌I’ve not been happier in years!

📌I’ve been more relaxed, at ease with myself, confident in my decisions.

📌I’ve built amazing friendships.

📌I’ve sought out coaching that has been instrumental in both personal AND professional growth.

📌My relationships, in both my personal and professional life, have deepened.

📌I’m in a great place!

I just returned from a wonderful family vacation!  I have traveled more in the past two years than I think I ever have – another benefit of working for myself.  I remember the stress of having to plan out an entire years’ worth of vacation days, saying no to things I wanted to do because I wouldn’t have enough time off available from my j-o-b.  Thankfully those days are gone.

If you’ve been thinking about learning more about a “side gig” – either mine or something another friend of yours may be pursuing, I invite you to take a look.  It may or may not be what you are looking for, but there is no harm in checking it out.  It just may be EXACTLY what you are looking for. 

xo Bec

Just Figure It Out

Just Figure It Out

For all you entrepreneurs out there (MYSELF included), THIS is for you:

Repeat after me: 
“I believe in my ability to figure things out.  My growth is entwined with my positive state of mind.  Everything I need is attainable, and I am capable of learning anything I really want to learn.  I focus on what I can do from here: I can believe in MYSELF.”

These are not my words.  They are from my new morning read, “Morning Affirmations” by Jennifer Williamson.  LOVING this book with its short little snippets to inspire and encourage me as I start my day.  

The ability to “figure things out” is what sets apart successful entrepreneurs/biz owners and those who quit…those who hang up their dreams.  I feel as though I am constantly in a state of “figuring things out”.  And let me tell you , when I figure out the next piece of the puzzle, master a new skill, improve my mindset, increase my confidence a little more, it feels amazing!  

If discouragement ever tries to sneak in (and this happens to all of us, doesn’t it?), taking a moment to reflect on something I have mastered, have figured out, along my entrepreneurial journey is usually all I need to improve my spirit and get me back in the game of “figuring it out” even more! 

So, while not a technical business term, “figuring it out” is truly one of the most important traits you need to master as a business owner – and a great asset for life in general! 

So, all together now…repeat after me.  “I believe in my ability to figure things out!”

(On a personal note, let me share a tip I learned recently from my business coach, Heather Quisel. Speak your affirmations into a voice memo on your phone so you can hear, in your own voice, your personal affirmations.  It’s powerful, folks!)  Learn more about author and blogger Jennifer Williamson on her website,