For all you entrepreneurs out there (MYSELF included), THIS is for you:

Repeat after me: 
“I believe in my ability to figure things out.  My growth is entwined with my positive state of mind.  Everything I need is attainable, and I am capable of learning anything I really want to learn.  I focus on what I can do from here: I can believe in MYSELF.”

These are not my words.  They are from my new morning read, “Morning Affirmations” by Jennifer Williamson.  LOVING this book with its short little snippets to inspire and encourage me as I start my day.  

The ability to “figure things out” is what sets apart successful entrepreneurs/biz owners and those who quit…those who hang up their dreams.  I feel as though I am constantly in a state of “figuring things out”.  And let me tell you , when I figure out the next piece of the puzzle, master a new skill, improve my mindset, increase my confidence a little more, it feels amazing!  

If discouragement ever tries to sneak in (and this happens to all of us, doesn’t it?), taking a moment to reflect on something I have mastered, have figured out, along my entrepreneurial journey is usually all I need to improve my spirit and get me back in the game of “figuring it out” even more! 

So, while not a technical business term, “figuring it out” is truly one of the most important traits you need to master as a business owner – and a great asset for life in general! 

So, all together now…repeat after me.  “I believe in my ability to figure things out!”

(On a personal note, let me share a tip I learned recently from my business coach, Heather Quisel. Speak your affirmations into a voice memo on your phone so you can hear, in your own voice, your personal affirmations.  It’s powerful, folks!)  Learn more about author and blogger Jennifer Williamson on her website,