In today’s society we are all about QUICK! We want access to everything, at our fingertips, all-the-time, 24/7.  God forbid we don’t have an Internet signal for every single moment of our day.

Who remembers having to actually go to the library to use a reference book?  Remember those giant encyclopedias?  I was one of the fortunate kids growing up, my family had two different sets, saving me many trips to the library.  But still, I spent many hours at a library while in school, working on a term paper or researching a project. And don’t get me started on the micro-fiche.  Many of you reading this blog post won’t even know what I’m talking about. It was a really giant, yet pretty cool, machine you’d find in libraries that would allow you to search through old periodicals and read scanned articles.  You definitely felt like a sleuth while using that baby!  I digress.

No, today, we have all the knowledge the smartest minds, from all over the world, have accumulated, right at the tips of our fingers!  Most information is simply one Google search away.

So, could you research tips to boost the level of happiness in your life?  Sure you could!  But for some reason, you’ve chosen to look at this form of media and are reading my written words.  So let me BE QUICK, because I don’t want you to lose interest or feel the need to go search for this simple, but effective, tip on your own!  I want to provide it for you.

What is a sure-fire way to increase your own happiness??  MAKE SOMEBODY ELSE HAPPY! 

This could be somebody you know and love or a complete stranger.  The thing is, sharing happiness is a reciprocal activity.  When you make somebody else feel happy, the sheer knowledge that you are responsible for their increased happiness, MAKES YOU HAPPY!  It’s like magic!

Don’t believe me?  TRY IT OUT! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result!  The next time you need to boost your own spirit, do something nice for somebody else and watch your mood (and happiness meter) improve.