Embrace Your Uniqueness

Embrace Your Uniqueness

You are unique.

You are special.

You have so much to share with the world.


It’s easy to think that you are nothing special. I know, because that was me, for years. But I want to assure you, this is far from the truth!


It’s easy, as women, for us to lose ourselves somewhere along this journey of life. We give, give, give until there doesn’t seem to be much left to give to anybody, let alone ourselves!


When you feel depleted, I can guarantee you that you aren’t feeling great about yourself. You aren’t recognizing your special talents, what draws others to you, what makes you unique.


I LOVE DRAWING THIS OUT OF PEOPLE! It brings me such joy to be able to help other women rediscover their spark, their values, their passion, their magnetic magic – the thing others love about them, but that they are just too close to see.


I bet you are quick to notice how amazing your friends are, all their talents and mad skills! But when asked what qualities and talents you possess, you probably draw a blank!  It’s hard to see, or even more likely to proclaim, something that you are good at, something that makes you special.  But rest assured, it’s there! You just may need help figuring it out!


Here’s a quick assignment for you!  Ask 3-4 friends what they admire most about you, what drew them to you in the first place. Then review all the responses you get. I will not be surprised if you receive some repeated answers.


Next, I want you to accept these responses as truth, especially if you hear the same qualities over and over from different people! Don’t downplay them either. Again, what seems like “no big deal” to you, may be huge to somebody else. And your natural abilities, gifts, talents probably do seem like “no big deal” to you, but girl, these qualities are what make you YOU! They are a big deal!


Learning to identify, accept and embrace your magnetic magic is just one of the topics we dive into in my “Start to Bloom – Rediscover the Real You” small group coaching program! To learn more about an upcoming session, contact me here: https://www.bloomwithbec.com  We can schedule a time to chat to see if my coaching program is a good fit for you!

Don’t just grow when you can BLOOM!


Quick Tip To Boost Your Happiness

Quick Tip To Boost Your Happiness

In today’s society we are all about QUICK! We want access to everything, at our fingertips, all-the-time, 24/7.  God forbid we don’t have an Internet signal for every single moment of our day.

Who remembers having to actually go to the library to use a reference book?  Remember those giant encyclopedias?  I was one of the fortunate kids growing up, my family had two different sets, saving me many trips to the library.  But still, I spent many hours at a library while in school, working on a term paper or researching a project. And don’t get me started on the micro-fiche.  Many of you reading this blog post won’t even know what I’m talking about. It was a really giant, yet pretty cool, machine you’d find in libraries that would allow you to search through old periodicals and read scanned articles.  You definitely felt like a sleuth while using that baby!  I digress.

No, today, we have all the knowledge the smartest minds, from all over the world, have accumulated, right at the tips of our fingers!  Most information is simply one Google search away.

So, could you research tips to boost the level of happiness in your life?  Sure you could!  But for some reason, you’ve chosen to look at this form of media and are reading my written words.  So let me BE QUICK, because I don’t want you to lose interest or feel the need to go search for this simple, but effective, tip on your own!  I want to provide it for you.

What is a sure-fire way to increase your own happiness??  MAKE SOMEBODY ELSE HAPPY! 

This could be somebody you know and love or a complete stranger.  The thing is, sharing happiness is a reciprocal activity.  When you make somebody else feel happy, the sheer knowledge that you are responsible for their increased happiness, MAKES YOU HAPPY!  It’s like magic!

Don’t believe me?  TRY IT OUT! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result!  The next time you need to boost your own spirit, do something nice for somebody else and watch your mood (and happiness meter) improve.


4 Tips to Create Your Own Happiness

4 Tips to Create Your Own Happiness

Do you have a friend who always seems to be happy?  They never seem to have a down day and are always encouraging others?  You may find yourself thinking, “Wow, are they lucky!  Nothing ever goes wrong in their life!”  Chances are they have plenty of things that “go wrong” in their life.  None of us escape life without any challenges or disappointments.  So, what’s the difference?  They have learned to create their own happiness.

I’ve heard a great quote from Rachel Hollis, “You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.”  Let that sink in, YOU decide how happy you are!  So, what if you could learn to CREATE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS?  Well, you can and here are a few tips for you!

Stop comparing yourself to others!  Chances are, when you are comparing your life to somebody else’s life, you don’t even have a clue what is going on in their life.  Sure you see how they are presenting themselves on the outside, but you do not know what is going on internally!  Those gorgeous outfits, great handbag, beautiful haircut…she may look perfect, but that is just the image she wants the world to see…remember that.  Looking perfect is not the same as feeling perfect.

And let’s talk social media for a second.  When you are scrolling Facebook or Instagram, you are seeing somebody’s “highlight reel”.  This is not real life.  It’s part of their life, being presented with the spin they want to put on it.  Most people aren’t showing you their difficult days, their doubts, insecurities, etc.  They are sharing their highlights!  So stop comparing your every day to their best day!

Surround yourself with positivity!  You are what you consume.  What are you filling your mind with?  Is it positive?  Is it uplifting?  Or are you filling your mind with negativity, drama, and things that discourage you.

I want you to think about the media that you are consuming, but also about the people you are surrounding yourself with.  Jim Rohn is attributed with the quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”   You want to be happier?  Hang out with the people who make you happy!  Don’t have friends who inspire you, lift your spirits, or encourage you to grow and be a better person?  Then I encourage you to seek them out!  Look for ways to put yourself in the proximity of people who are positive.  (I invite you to join my Facebook group, Start Blooming Now, Create A Life You Love.)

Do more of what makes you happy!  Sounds easy, right?  It is!  Take a few minutes to think of all the things you really enjoy doing!  The things that make you happy, bring you joy, fill up your soul, and then do more of those things.  Don’t leave them to chance either, schedule them into your week.  I want you to purposefully schedule these events!

Next, I want you to figure out what things drain you, aren’t in alignment with your goals or purpose, things you are doing simply out of obligation.  Start saying, “NO” to these things, delegate or outsource them when possible.  By doing more of what makes you happy and less of what does not make you happy, you are immediately going to feel your happiness meter rise!

De-clutter your life – your mind, your home, your heart!  When you de-clutter not only your personal living space, but the things you are consuming and the people you are spending time with that might not be the best for you, those things that drain your positivity and energy, you immediately feel lighter.  When you remove things that aren’t serving you any longer, and are just creating clutter and noise in your life, you allow more room in your life for things that bring you happiness and joy.

The main thing to remember when creating your own happiness is that, YOU are in control.  YOU get to decide what/whom you allow in your life.  Eliminate, or decrease, the things that aren’t bringing you joy, positivity, and happiness and increase the things that are providing you joy, positivity, and happiness.