Why a Military Spouse Should Be Your Next Hire

Why a Military Spouse Should Be Your Next Hire

Customer Service Representative
Aerobics Instructor
Accounts Receivable Representative
Mortgage Loan Processor
C-Level Administrative Assistant
Copy Writer
Substitute Teacher
Sourcing Manager
Independent Skincare Consultant

What in the heck do these job titles have in common?  At first glance, I’d say nothing at all.  

But then I’d look closer.  If I’m looking at the skills and attributes required to master these different roles, I note that strong communications skills, attention to detail, a fun, outgoing and motivated personality are probably in play.  I see a “people person” in the mix. I see a no-nonsense, get it done, figure it out type of a person. I see somebody who likes helping others.  

If I’m looking at this list with my recruiting hat on, I’m very confused if this list appears on a single person’s resume.  I don’t see a clear, defined career path. The roles don’t appear to build on top of each other or even stay in the same career field.   

When I look at this list with my own eyes, from my own personal perspective, I see a military spouse’s resume!  I see my resume.    

Not familiar with us –  the military spouse? She (or in some cases “he”, but for the point of this article, we’ll call her a “she”) is that person who very frequently gives up her own career ambitions to follow her spouse around from duty station to duty station, supporting his career and call of duty to serve his country.  She willingly leaves a job she loves to move on with her spouse. She sets up the household, settles the kids into new schools and neighborhoods, reestablishes herself, and finds a new job time and again. Or maybe she doesn’t work outside of the home. There is plenty to do simply keeping the home front running and thriving!  

She is many things!  She is a self-starter.  She is a jack of all trades.  She is organized. She is resilient.  She is the queen of dealing with change.  She is patient (ever dealt with military orders, moves?).  She is strong. She is reliable. She is your best friend, your support, your shoulder to lean or cry on.  She is your neighbor. She is your “it’s perfectly fine to call me in the middle of the night if you need anything” person.  She is the “I’ll stay with your kids if you need some time to yourself or a date night” kind of friend. She’s the “I’ll figure it out and make it happen” gal you want on your team. 

If you are an employer reading this, or have any hiring authority within your organization, please re-read the qualities listed above.  THIS is the employee you want to hire! Sure, you may only have them on your team for 2-3 years, but I assure you, their loyalty and reliability will not disappoint and you’ll have a wonderful addition to your organization for those few years.  And let’s face it, that’s more than you can expect from the average hire. With the military spouse, you know to expect the attrition at some point. But here’s the thing, you usually know when to expect it and receive more than adequate notice to hire their replacement.  I was personally able to train my replacement on more than one occasion. You are never guaranteed the longevity of employment with any hire, but I’d put my money on the military spouse every – single – time.