Your Friend Is Doing What?

Your Friend Is Doing What?

You have a friend who all the sudden joins a network marketing company of some sort and you find yourself thinking, “I wonder why they did that?”

Well, there are MANY reasons people do such a thing:

✔️They may be wanting additional income to fund any number of things: family vacations, start or add to a college fund, pay off debt, save for a special purchase, etc.

✔️They may be wanting something for themselves.  Sometimes it starts as a hobby, sometimes it stays a hobby, sometimes it grows into a full-time gig/income for them.  The beauty is that it can be WHATEVER they want it to be.

✔️They may be looking to replace an income and job that they are not passionate about.

✔️They may desire to work for themselves – their goals, a mission/company they are passionate about, prove to themselves that they CAN make something on their own.

✔️They may be wanting more TIME…time for their family, time for their friends, time for themselves, time to travel, time to dream, the ability to arrange their day as they please.

✔️They may want OUT of an office.  They may want to work from where they want: different places from day to day – a home office one day, the dining room table the next, a coffee shop the next, from a vacation destination the next, etc.

How do I know all of this?

Simple….this is ME!  I left a cushy work at home, corporate job for every single one of the reasons listed above.

Did some people think I was crazy?  Probably.

Do some people STILL think I’m crazy?  Probably.

But you know what??

📌I’ve not been happier in years!

📌I’ve been more relaxed, at ease with myself, confident in my decisions.

📌I’ve built amazing friendships.

📌I’ve sought out coaching that has been instrumental in both personal AND professional growth.

📌My relationships, in both my personal and professional life, have deepened.

📌I’m in a great place!

I just returned from a wonderful family vacation!  I have traveled more in the past two years than I think I ever have – another benefit of working for myself.  I remember the stress of having to plan out an entire years’ worth of vacation days, saying no to things I wanted to do because I wouldn’t have enough time off available from my j-o-b.  Thankfully those days are gone.

If you’ve been thinking about learning more about a “side gig” – either mine or something another friend of yours may be pursuing, I invite you to take a look.  It may or may not be what you are looking for, but there is no harm in checking it out.  It just may be EXACTLY what you are looking for. 

xo Bec