Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter can be harsh on your skin!  

There are the obvious outdoor concerns: cold and wind.  Cold weather can strip the skin of its natural protective barrier, allowing precious moisture to escape which leads to dehydration and allowing irritants in, which can lead to sensitivity.  Dry, cracked skin, lips and hands are common concerns during the winter months.

We also have indoor culprits to battle during the winter: indoor heating can be very drying to our skin and often leads to itchiness, exasperating existing skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.  Due to shorter days and often unpleasant outdoor temperatures, we tend to be indoors much more during the winter, limiting our exposure to fresh air and sunlight. This lack of fresh air and sunlight often leads to dull looking skin (and dull moods). 

What to do then??  

  • It’s very important to use a gentle cleanser during the winter months.  As your skin is already leaning towards the dry side, I’d recommend a gentle cream or foaming cleanser.  
  • Be sure to exfoliate.  Exfoliation removes those dead skin cells that are making your skin appear dull and flaky.  You will immediately notice younger looking, fresh, glowing skin after exfoliation. Caution: don’t over-exfoliate.  2 times per week should be adequate.    
  • Hydrate your skin.  I’d recommend both a serum and cream to be applied daily.  Tip: always apply the serum first, the thinner product is applied before the thicker product.  I’d recommend a serum which includes hyaluronic acid and glycerin.  
  • Take time to enjoy a relaxing bath with your favorite bath oil.  Tip: do not have your water too hot as this can contribute to dry skin, something we are trying to avoid during the winter months.  
  • Get plenty of rest and apply a good night cream with restorative nutrients and peptides.  Remember your body is recharging and cells are regenerating while you sleep, so be sure to give your body plenty of rest.  
  • Apply sunscreen daily!  Yes, even in the winter.  (No article on skincare is complete without this reminder.) 
  • Don’t lick your lips.  It’s easy to do and you may think you are moisturizing them when you do so, but trust me, this isn’t helping.  Apply a lip conditioning balm or serum often to keep your lips looking lush and avoid the appearance of wrinkles.   

With a little extra TLC, your skin can endure the winter months and even appear healthy and youthful along the way.  Visit my site or message me for product recommendations (a few links are provided throughout this article) to help you obtain your best winter skin ever.