I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a neighbor, a friend.
I am a military spouse and have followed my husband around the country for 23 years.
I was a marketing major in college but don’t feel l ever had the opportunity to fully utilize my degree.
I have held too many jobs, in too many industries, to even remember.
Today I am a business owner, running a skincare business.

Here’s the thing: If I talk to you about my products, my company, an event I’m hosting, a special I’m running, it is only because I am busy growing my business and was thinking about you.

⦁ I am not doing it to offend you or to be pushy.
⦁ I am not doing it because I think your skin looks bad.

⦁ I am not expecting anything from you.

⦁ Again, I’m an entrepreneur who is busy building a successful business. It’s as simple as that!

The outcome of my success does not depend on any one of my friends becoming my customer or business partner, or none of my friends becoming a customer or business partner.  I will, however, probably think of you and mention my business to you at some point along my journey.

⦁ If you opened a restaurant or a coffee shop, I sure hope you’d invite me.
⦁ If you were starring in a movie, I sure hope you’d tell me about it.

⦁ If you were a fitness trainer, yep, let me know about your training programs, videos, etc.

⦁ If you are raising money for a charity you are passionate about, I’d like to hear about it.

I HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS DOING AMAZING THINGS ALL THE TIME and they share that with me so I can love on them and support them. Do I necessarily sign up for, or buy everything that crosses my path? Nope, but I’d sure like to at least know about it.

That is all, my friends. I had this on my heart today and wanted to throw it out into the universe.

Along my journey, I’ve heard:
“Thanks, can’t wait! I’ll be there.”
“I’m not interested, but good luck to you.”
“I love seeing how passionate you are about your new business.”
“I already have a consultant and love Rodan + Fields!”
“I’m not really into skincare.”
“Yes, I’d love to try your products/join your team!”

I’ve heard it all!  The point is, I just appreciate the response! I am NOT going to be offended, either way, trust me! I’m simply, again, running my own successful and growing social e-commerce business, and I need to be SOCIAL to do it well!

Many people are interested in pursuing a network marketing gig but are afraid of offending their family and friends, so they never pursue it.  In case you haven’t noticed, the way we shop is changing.  Retail stores and chains are closing all the time as consumers are making more of their purchases online.  I’d MUCH rather shop local or with a friend who is running their own business.  However, if the services or products they offer are not something I’m interested in, I feel no pressure to purchase; but you better believe I am here to encourage and support their venture (or adventure!).

Want to try something new, start your own business or company?  Get out of your comfort zone, stop worrying about what others are going to think, and GO FOR IT!  I did and it feels amazing.